American Hydraulic Compressors carry on from their lineage as Ingersoll Rand and Doosan product lines.  Bringing more than 60 years of knowledge and quality to your operation.  AMHC products are more than just "field tested" - they are the STANDARD solution for many heavy equipment operators.  Built right here in America.



Performance Features

  • Continuous airflow eliminates need for air storage tank;
  • Cost-effective – more air volume (CFM) for your dollar;
  • Instant power upon arrival;
  • More air volume (CFM) per square foot of mounting area;
  • On-board air allows hitch to be available for towing equipment.

Package Features

  • Built-in hydraulic cooling on the HP60CMH;
  • Easily serviced, replaceable air cleaner cartridge;
  • Conveniently located service panels for all routine maintenance;
  • Remote, easy-access compressor oil drain;
  • No-spill, spin-on separator element and oil filter;
  • Stepless regulation system;
  • Full enclosure with high-quality powdercoat paint finish;
  • Simplified internal piping; oil temp bypass valve, min pressure valve, scavenge method, oil filter, and air/oil separator element are combined in one apparatus;
  • Elastomer coupling between motor and airend (MHP85CMH only);
  • 12-volt output signal to activate vehicle throttle control (HP60CMH only).

Compressor Features

  • 100 percent continuous duty rating;
  • Oil-flooded, rotary screw airend designed and manufactured by Ingersoll Rand;
  • Integral air/oil separation system build into compressor casting (HP60CMH only);

Hydraulic System Features

  • Cast iron (HP60CMH) and Aluminum (MHP85CMH) gear-types, hydraulic motor with case drain;
  • Hydraulic pressure relief valve built into system (3000 psi);
  • Coast-down anti-cavitation check valve included;
  • Permanent precision alignment of hydraulic motor, coupling, and airend for extended coupling life (MHP85CMH only).


  • Discharge air pressure gauge;
  • Discharge air temperature gauge (MHP85CMH);
  • Hour meter;
  • Compressor oil level gauge.

Air Cleaner

  • Heavy-duty single stage with replaceable element.


  • ASME pressure relief safety valve;
  • Minimum pressure valve;
  • Automatic blowdown valve;
  • OSHA fan guard;
  • High-discharge airend temperature shutdown system.



Performance Features

  • 100 percent continuous duty;
  • Available in both open-center or closed-center hydraulic systems;
  • Best value – highest in class air volume (CFM) and pressure;
  • Built for durability and reliability.

Thermal Characteristics

  • Heat rejected to hydraulic oil by compressor motor and vehicle pump, assuming the pump has the same efficiency as the compressor motor and assuming full load operation at 175 psig compressor discharge:

ModelVHP40RMHHeat rejection to hydraulic oil – BTU/hr15720Oil temperature degrees above ambient59F.

  • Heat rejection capability of compressor oil cooler when used as auxiliary cooler for other vehicle-mounted hydraulic equipment, assuming a maximum oil temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature (with compressor not running other than cooling fan):

ModelVHP40RMHHeat rejection to hydraulic oil – BTU/hr29100.

Compressor Pump Type

  • Cast iron design with splash lubrication;
  • Travel limiters on inlet and discharge valves;
  • Two-stage four-cylinder reciprocating pump with belt drive.

Compressor Drive

  • Conservatively designed, extended life, dual “B” section belt drive system;
  • Convenient belt tension adjuster bolt for future belt tensioning if needed;
  • Cast iron gear-type motor with case drain features. Hydraulic manifold has integral pressure bypass, solenoid bypass valve (for unit on/off control) anti-cavitation, adjustable flow control, cooler relief (oil bypasses cooler in colder climates); closed-circuit version has a load sense port to signal variable displacement pump;
  • Built-in 3000 PSI hydraulic relief valve.


  • 14″, 12V DC electric, straight blade, high-efficiency cooling fan;
  • Built-in hydraulic oil cooler;
  • Cooling air enters through fan, exits through cooler.


  • Compressor oil level sight gauge;
  • Discharge pressure gauge;
  • Hour meter (records pump run time only – fan can run without adding hours).

Air Cleaner

  • Heavy-duty single stage with replaceable element.

Service Outlet

  • One 1/2″ FNPT connection and -4 air pressure sense port for connection to receiver.

Hydraulic Connections

  • -8 inlet and -12 outlet, -4 case drain, -4 pressure sense (on closed-center hydraulic models).


  • 12-volt DC output signal for speed control idle-back feature;
  • Conveniently located service panels for all routine materials;
  • Discharge temperature shutdown switch;
  • Easy access drain for compressor oil;
  • High quality e-coat primer and powdercoat finish inside and out;
  • Internal vibration isolation of compressor pump and drive system;
  • Lifting provisions at four corners of frame base.


At American Hydraulic Compressor (AMHC), we pride ourselves as the industry’s most reliable truck-mounted air compressor. AMHC partners with experienced and reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide the best sales and service to the work truck industry.

AMHC is powered by Ingersoll Rand and Doosan products. Our durable air compressors are field tested and the choice of many end users.